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The Howard Company's brand of digital restaurant menu boards and signage is an easy-to-use, self-contained digital display system complete and ready to go with a built-in player or mini computer pre-loaded with our proprietary content management and design software called ShowQuest™.  The digital menu board software for content management is the same for both our indoor digital menu systems and drive-thru digital menu boards. Our easy-to-program digital software makes updating your digital screens a breeze.

Five important components to look for in a digital display provider:

  • Quality display screens in a variety of size options
  • Content players or mini-PC equipment
  • Content Management Software
  • Content Creation Services
  • After-the-sale support and training, including installation and hosting

We're here to help, so don't hesitate to CONTACT US for a free phone consultation or to schedule a personal webinar.

Read what Digital Signage Today magazine has to say about the emerging market for Digital Menu Boards!
Quality Display Screens: Commerical Grade vs Consumer Grade


The Howard Company digital displays are LCD available in sizes from 32" to 65", with LED and Plasma screens also available. Our screens are COMMERCIAL grade vs consumer grade. What does this mean for you?

  • Designed for 24/7 use
  • Portrait or Landscape mode options
  • Enhanced bezels
  • Clearer picture
  • Multiple media hardware ports
  • The right choice for digital signage!
  • Limited manufacturer's warranty for digital signage applications
  • Landscape mode only
  • Fancy bezels = improper cooling
  • Constant use = SHORTER LIFESPAN!
  • Limited DVD player or cable input


Content or Player System Options

Begin your search by determining the type of system that best suits your needs. The Lite, LAN and WAN systems all function similarly, but user control is different in each scenario.

Entry Level SmartPlayer

Create content in PPT or video program, copy to USB flash drive; upload & schedule playlist directly on display using the remote control

ShowQuest™ Lite

Make changes directly at the screen, using a wireless keyboard & mouse

ShowQuest™ Plus

Local Area Network (LAN) of' screens created & controlled by manager PC. Created schedules & playlists are distributed to the screens.

ShowQuest™ Max

A hosted solution: content is managed through a web interface, then distributed over the internet to each remote screen

Content Management Software:
  The basics - Creating a Screen Layout

The ShowQuest™ Layout Designer allows breaking up the screen into multiple zones. You can then display a variety of information at one time, including video, flash animations, images, menus, a clock, weather banner and "tickers" across the bottom displaying scrolling text you input or "real time" information like news and sports scores.


           - Your Menu Content

Menu content is created using the ShowQuest™ Menu Designer. Import images and videos to play along with your menu information slides. Load content into the ShowQuest™ Manager application on your computer or Mini-PC. If you don't feel you have the skills to create your own images or set up your menu, we are available to help you! You also can use outside designers to work with you on content creation.



             - Schedule Your Playlists

Schedule content into "playlists" - instructions which tell each media player to show the content at a particular date and time. We are here to help you if you have any questions or need support in making changes to your displays.


Content Creation Services

Don't feel comfortable designing and planning out your own digital display content? Let us help you! Our graphic designers are equipped to develop creative content concepts to satisfy your every need. Use food images from our 3,000+ food picture library, or supply your own high quality food images or video. Third party designers can also help you flesh out a complimentary design for your new system.

Installation and Support after the sale!

Leave the installation of your new digital display system to the professionals! We offer a complete site survey to determine which display system will work best for you including:

  • Hardware needed for the mounting system
  • Electrical requirements
  • Cabling requirements
  • Testing for wireless capabilities
  • Site photos
  • Sign-off and review with you

Our Support Policy:

  • All customers receive full access to the online ShowQuest™ knowledge base. This site contains a collection of articles and self-help guides ranging from solving installation problems to using the most common software features.
  • Telephone & e-mail support between 7:30 AM CST and 5 PM CST


Annual software support contracts are also available which include:

  • Extended support hours from 7:30am CST and 11pm CST
  • Notification of bugs, improvements and upgrades via email
  • Update insurance with access to all minor and major version upgrades
  • Quarterly remote mini-pc maintenance (updates & optimization)


We don't leave you high and dry after the sale: two hours of standard web-based training is available with every ShowQuest™ purchase. Complete user guides and flash-based tutorials are available through our website at no charge for customers.

Sample Digital Display Packages:


Screen options shown are only a sample of Howard's VisionQuest™ capabilities.  We stock screens in sizes 32", 42", 46" and 55" (measured diagonally), with special order screens 65" and larger.  Variations on the packages can be adapted to your individual needs.  Our systems are custom; contact us to get a quote for product that meets your situation.

42" Screen Options Examples (other screen sizes are available)
Single Digital Menu Board
Dual Digital Menu Board
  • One 42" Commercial Monitor
  • One Media Player
    Single HDMI Output
  • One 6' HDMI cable
  • One Tilt Wall Mount
  • ShowQuest™ MAX
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Design Software
  • Two 42" Commercial Monitors
  • One Media Player Dual
    HDMI Output
  • Two Tilt Wall Mounts
  • Two 6' HDMI Cables
  • ShowQuest™ MAX
    Player Software
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Designer Software
Triple Digital Menu Board
Quad Digital Menu Board
  • Three 42" Commercial Monitors
  • One Media Player Quad
    HDMI Output
  • Three Tilt Wall Mounts
  • Three 6' HDMI Cables
  • ShowQuest™ MAX
    Player Software
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Design Software
  • Four 42" Commercial Monitors
  • One Media Player Quad
    HDMI Output
  • Four Tilt Wall Mounts
  • Four 6' HDMI Cables
  • ShowQuest™ Max
    Player Software
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Designer Software

♦ Installation costs and shipping will be determined after a Site Survey is completed. 

♦ Pricing will include an initial digital menu layout and two hours of online training. 

♦ 3 year warranty on media player and monitor screen. 

♦ 90 day warranty on installation with 'hot-swap' for any part. 

♦ Extended warranties are available.

This is only a sample of options we can provide for you!

CALL FOR QUOTE! Toll-free: 866-317-7766

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