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The FDA did it again

The FDA delays nutritional labeling again. What should you do next? The Howard Company can work with you to update with nutritional information.


Digital Menu Board Solutions for C-Stores

Using digital menu boards in your C-Store offers great versatility to display day-part menu listings, promoting lottery games, beverage specials and more.


It takes a village

Let our villagers work magic for you! Our professional teams take your ideas from a dream to reality - here's how we do it.


Give me a dining experience please!

Make your restaurant a dining experience! Let The Howard Company designers create a menu board to convey your restaurant's style and spirit.


Digital Signage: What you need to know before you buy

Our company president and CEO, Doug Watson, gives his view on the future of digital menu boards and what you need to know before you buy.


Are Menu Boards More Than Just a Sign?

Are Menu Boards More Than Just a Sign? Guest blogger Nick S offers insight on what makes The Howard Company products stand out in the crowd.


NRA 2017 Game Plan - 4 Handy Tips!

Make a plan if you are going to the 2017 National Restaurant Show!


Thinking Outside The Box: Digital Displays

Thinking outside the box: there are more uses for digital displays than just menu boards. The Howard Company can design, create content and install a digital display to fit any need in your school, hospital, hotel, retail store and more.


Call in the menu board professionals!

When your menu board system is a mess, it's time to seek out professional help. The Howard Company can work with you to maximize your menu board space.


Joining the Digital Menu Board Craze

Is a digital menu board the right solution for your restaurant? Maybe not! Here's 6 points to consider before you take the plunge!


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