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Are Menu Boards More Than Just a Sign?


Guest Blog by Nick Stauff, Howard Company National Sales Manager - May 12, 2017

(Used with permission from his original post on LinkedIn March 7, 2017)


For the past 4 years I have been traveling around the country for my current role at The Howard Company. During that time I have had the opportunity to get to work with some top restaurant brands. We were able to help with many drive thru and menu board projects.

*see the article below in Sign Builder Illustrated for one of my favorites* 

Being so entrenched in the menu board business and knowing our true value to the industry sometimes I fail to communicate why our product(s) are not a commodity and the importance of using a national menu board company. One of the most frequent questions I get during presentations or meetings is – “What makes your sign that holds our menu graphics better than the sign guy down the road?”

This is why:

1.   We are consistent from board 1-1000

In the sign industry many signs are made per order / per location. A menu board cannot be built like that. It has to match every single board no matter if you have 2 locations or if you have 10,000. It has to be built per the look your brand wants. It also means only one graphic size is needed which in return creates lower POP costs and less headaches for your team.

2.   We inventory and manufacture parts

Sometimes the weather damages a board, an employee drops a graphic panel, or a light goes out. If that happens with one of our boards, we simply send parts to fix it. If you use a sign company that builds menu boards once in a great awhile these parts will have to be custom made, cost quite a bit, and take a long time to arrive.

3.   Every menu board that leaves our plant is UL certified

We have seen it a hundred times. If your menu board is not UL certified and installed in a commercial business you will not be in compliance with local codes and could cause a huge issue with your insurance company if something were to happen. 

4.   We use science for proper menu illumination!

We are nerds when it comes to menu boards. We have to be. It’s what pays our bills. We know how important it is to show your company’s logo in the correct colors and how to display your beautiful food photography. We are also in tune with the latest and greatest neuro-marketing studies. We have tested hundreds of lighting sources, distances, cabinets, acrylics, you name it!

5.   We are experienced in rollouts and fulfillment

Some brands need 700 menu boards installed in 90 days. Other brands would like to run a program over the course of 12 months but have flexibility so we need to warehouse. Or heck, some brands only want to order one at a time but expect a 10 day lead time. –We got you covered!     

6.   Last but not least, product quality with a warranty to back it up.

Our exterior menu boards are built to withstand hurricane winds up to 120 mph. Our parts are powder coated, have double wall extrusions, contain locks for your doors, and the list goes on and on. The last thing your brand can't afford is a broken menu board. Our boards have been around for 30+ years and with our warranty we also put our money where our mouth is.


Whew, that’s a lot isn’t it? Your menu boards are the main item that displays the main product you need to sell to remain successful. Please don’t let the “guy down the road” take care of you.  



About Cheryl K

Cheryl K has been part of the point of sale and menu board industry in many capacities for the past 25 years. Since 2007 she has worked with The Howard Company's ecommerce websites developing webstores and content, and administering the CMS platform. Along with this responsibility she has worked in Customer Service, Graphic Design, and most recently helped in the redesign of the Howard's corporate webpages. She enjoys the challenges of serving Howard Company business partners and looks for opportunities to make purchasing solutions less complicated to the everyday consumer.

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