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Laura Paff: Adding a Drive-Thru with a Small Budget

January 26, 2021 / by Laura Paff

Are you hoping to add a drive-thru but all the research you are doing leads you to believe everything is too expensive? That is not necessarily the case. In the video below, Laura Paff, Inside Sales Manager: North America East at The Howard Company, explains how businesses can work towards their dream drive-thru despite starting off with a small budget.

Laura Paff - Adding a Drive-Thru with a Small Budget

Drive-thru systems are not defined by the amount of equipment they contain, but rather the experience and service given to the customer. Whether your budget allows for a menu board, speaker posts, and headset system, or a dual lane digital drive-thru system, there is definitely a solution for your brand!

Partner with a company that understands the industry and wants you to succeed as much as you do! In business since 1950, The Howard Company has over 70 years of experience and our team is recognized as the nation's leader in drive-thru, digital displays, and menu boards. Get to know our custom branding solutions for the drive-thru:

Anatomy of a Drive-Thru

If you have any questions for Laura Paff, or you would like to begin planning your drive-thru, please reach out to us today or submit a comment below. The Howard Company's drive-thru experts are here for you and your customers! We hope to hear from you soon!

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Laura Paff

Written by Laura Paff

Laura Paff, Inside Sales Manager: North America East at The Howard Company