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Laura Paff: Planning For A Drive-Thru

January 13, 2021 / by Laura Paff

Are you looking to add a drive-thru in the near future? If so, now is the time to start planning for it! Laura Paff, Inside Sales Manager: North America East at The Howard Company, encourages any businesses who know they will want to add a drive-thru to begin planning for it as soon as possible. In the video below, Laura talks through what you can do now so your drive-thru can be installed in the time frame you are hoping to start using it.

Laura Paff Planning For A Drive-Thru

As mentioned in the video, Laura explains a productive approach when planning for a drive-thru:

  • Plan your Menu and your Menu Design: A drive-thru creates an experience for your guests, while the menu board content develops a connection. The Howard Company's outdoor menu boards include the Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board and the Drive-Thru Choice Static/Print Menu Board. It is important to not rush the menu design. Graphic design and content management services are great tools to consider when launching a new menu board.
  • Organize Finances: Take the time before installation to organize finances and set a budget. For businesses who may have a small budget, there are still many opportunities to consider when it comes to the drive-thru and working towards the "dream" drive-thru down the road.
  • Book a General Contractor: As Laura mentioned, general contractors have a busy schedule so it is important to get on their radar as soon as possible.
  • Prepare Permitting: Do not get caught in a delay and request your permits early on in the planning process.

Adding a new drive-thru is an exciting installment, for both your team members and your customers! To ensure everything turns out the way you were hoping for and more, begin the planning process early. The drive-thru experts at The Howard Company are more than happy to assist you along the way. We are here for you and your customers!

Drive-Thru Installation Timeline

If you have any questions about planning for a drive-thru, or you would like to begin designing your menu, please reach out to us today. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Laura Paff

Written by Laura Paff

Laura Paff, Inside Sales Manager: North America East at The Howard Company