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Laura Paff: Static to Digital

March 17, 2020 / by Laura Paff

Laura Paff, Inside Sales Manager: North America East, talks about the advantages of switching your menu boards from static to digital.

Laura - Static to Digital

When it comes to making the transition from static menu boards to digital menu boards, there are certain advantages that stand out.

  • Cost-effectiveness: As your business evolves over time and you choose to display new offerings, it is much easier, faster, and less expensive to change your menu digitally.
  • Flexibility: With the ability to change content and layouts at any given time, your business has the flexibility to shift customer attention to the most profitable items, such as specials and favorites.
  • Customer Engagement: Digital displays allow businesses to keep customers engaged while waiting to be helped. Aside from promoting products and services, digital screens are a great medium to advertise limited-time offers (LTO's), volunteer work, community-wide events, and manage daypart menu items.

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Laura Paff

Written by Laura Paff

Laura Paff, Inside Sales Manager: North America East at The Howard Company