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Matthew Johnson: Bare-Bones Drive-Thru

August 19, 2021 / by Matthew Johnson

As consumer behaviors adjust and many businesses find success with their drive-thru lanes, is your brand ready to add a drive-thru to your locations(s)? There are numerous solutions and accessories to consider, but getting started with drive-thru essentials is also an option!

The top three components of a drive-thru are explained in the 'Bare-Bones Drive-Thru' video, which can be found below with Matthew Johnson, Inside Sales Manager: North America West.

Create a welcoming drive-thru experience from the very beginning with a well-planned drive-thru lane, a versatile drive-thru menu board, and a high-quality drive-thru communication system. The top three components of a bare-bones drive-thru that Matthew highlights can be explored more here:

  • Drive-Thru Lane - Many restaurants provide their customers with multiple ordering opportunities, typically through the drive-thru, dine-in, take-out, curbside pickup, and delivery. For drive-thru locations, careful site layout is important in order to provide safe and efficient vehicle flow for all of the ordering channels/revenue streams.

    When it comes to setting up a drive-thru, learn all about drive-thru placement and stacking here.

  • Drive-Thru Menu Board - Matthew highlighted two types of drive-thru menu boards, The Howard Company's Drive-Thru Choice Print/Static Menu Board and The Howard Company's Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board.

    The Drive-Thru Choice Print/Static Menu Board gives businesses a choice of color and panel layout that fits their needs. With the Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board, panels and digital displays can be showcased in a variety of ways including full digital, full print/static, or a combination of both. Also, with the "Flex", changes can be made at any time, on-site, and while the drive-thru remains open!

    Find out more about The Howard Company's Drive-Thru Choice Print/Static Menu Board and The Howard Company's Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board in Grant Gustke's video!

    Drive-Thru Menu Boards
  • Drive-Thru Communication System - A drive-thru lane and a drive-thru menu board will define a customer's experience, but one of the biggest factors to keep guests coming back for more is the customer service. Is the staff friendly and welcoming? Is communication clear?

    Be sure your drive-thru is equipped with high-quality communication equipment that will help eliminate incorrect orders and frustrated guests. Explore The Howard Company's solutions for speaker posts and headset systems here.

    Learn about more drive-thru components in The Howard Company's Anatomy of a Drive-Thru:

Download the Anatomy of a Drive-Thru

Matthew Johnson or any of our drive-thru experts can answer questions you may have at

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Matthew Johnson

Written by Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson, Inside Sales Manager: North America West at The Howard Company