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Matthew Johnson: Reaching More Customers with Drive-Thru and Pickup

April 19, 2021 / by Matthew Johnson

Wondering how to promote your brand's drive-thru and curbside pickup services? Along with digital communication channels such as social media accounts and loyalty apps, there are many other solutions to consider. When customized to your business, they are designed to increase guest traffic.

In the video below, Matthew Johnson, Inside Sales Manager: North America West, talks about a variety of different branding opportunities to drive more sales to the drive-thru and curbside pickup.

Matthew Johnson - Reaching More Customers with Drive-Thru and Curbside Pickup

Drive-thru and curbside pickup solutions cater to two different audiences. For this reason, marketing to customers requires custom signage with specific placements in mind.

Matthew first highlights drive-thru promotional signage:

  • Window Clings: Window clings are easy to install, visually appealing branding solutions that go best on the front door and windows facing the drive-thru lane. Use custom messaging to share limited-time offers, events, other services, etc. 
  • Directional Signs: Welcome visitors into the parking lot and direct them where they should go to use the drive-thru. Apply your brand's colors to each directional sign and keep the customer's experience flowing smoothly.
  • Drive-Thru Presell Boards: Introduce customers to new products and services using drive-thru presell boards. If there is open space before the main menu board, a presell board allows the brand to give customers a chance to pick their meal while they wait in line.
  • More Drive-Thru Solutions: Discover drive-thru menu boards, drive-thru accessories, and installation services.

Next, Matthew talks about reaching more customers, who may like to request curbside pickup:

  • Monument Signs: Adding a digital monument sign to the entrance of the parking lot allows businesses to promote curbside pickup availability and new offerings. It also can encourage passing drivers to consider stopping in, based on the fact that curbside pickup and/or drive-thru services are an option. 
  • Additional Curbside Pickup Solutions: Explore outdoor poster frames, sidewalk boards, and stall parking signs.

Find out more information about The Howard Company's drive-thru and curbside pickup solutions:

Explore Drive-Thru and Curbside Pickup Solutions

If you have any questions for Matthew Johnson or any of our other drive-thru experts about increasing sales in the drive-thru and curbside pickup at your location(s), please reach out to us today at

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Matthew Johnson

Written by Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson, Inside Sales Manager: North America West at The Howard Company