Why do my digital menu boards show blue clouds?

When a digital menu playlist schedule runs out, the menu software will revert to “default media”, which will usually be the image of a cloudy sky or the image of a castle. If this occurs, here are the steps to update your media scheduling.

  1. Log in to the Content Management portal using your credentials:
  2. Once logged in you will need to select the media player that you need to adjust the schedule for.
  3. Next, navigate to the right-hand column, labeled “Scheduling Grid”.
  4. Right-click on the last day that your schedule was running (You may have to click back once or twice on the <Week xx> counter at the top next to “Current Week” to find a day where the schedule was still running).
  5. Mouse over to “Duplicate”, and select “Current Day”.
  6. That will bring you to this screen:
  7. You can just click “Save” on this window, as it will automatically block out a full week’s worth of that same scheduled day.
  8. Right-click on that same day; mouse over to “Duplicate”, and select “Current Week”. That will bring you to this screen:
  9. In the “Weeks” area, change the number to 52. Then, click “Save”. This will duplicate your schedule for a full year, the maximum amount of time the system allows to post-date a playback schedule.
  10. To publish the changes to your schedule,click the blue box next to your media player.
  11. On the right-hand corner of the digital menu dashboard, above the Scheduling Grid, you’ll find a “Publish” button. Click on that button, and a new window will appear.
  12. The update will begin to publish to your media player. You’ll see a brief status bar under the “Status” column that will load relatively quickly. Once the Status changes to “Done”, the changes will be applied to your media panels.
  13. Then, click on the “Monitoring” button at the top left under “Player” to return to the dashboard.