Why does my OCS have a blank screen?

How to troubleshoot for a black screen that uses a Power Over Ethernet device, if the remote access to the unit is available via LogMeIn.

  1. Verify you can log into the unit via LogMeIn (blue text) or through your own “remote viewer”. If the LogMeIn Account is offline (gray text), troubleshoot using the LogMeIn offline guide. If there is no LogMeIn account, escalate to Tier 2 Support.
  2. The onsite individual should locate media player and the Power Over Ethernet unit (POE.) Confirm with the onsite individual which type of POE they have at the location.
  3. Check the Node Manager tab in the Management Counsel to verify if the HyperView Engine is running or if it is stuck at Initialization stage.
  4. Log into the unit, open the explorer shell, and open the USB Server software to verify if the devices are showing.

    1. If no devices are showing, as shown below, proceed to step 5.
    1. If devices are available and connected, as shown below, proceed to step 7.
    2. If they are not connected, right click on both the Display and choose Connect Device. Once the Display is connected, do the same for the Input. Once the Input is connected, right click on both and choose Connect Automatically. Verify with the onsite individual the screen is showing images and/or orders. If not, proceed to step 7.
    3. If there is a “Please Try Again Later” error, please see the Uninstalling and Reinstalling USB Server guide.
  1. The onsite individual should check the POE to see if the power and data lights are on. If there are no power lights, have them trace the power cable from the POE to the power outlet they are using and ensure the outlet is working by plugging another device into the outlet.
  2. Have the onsite individual reseat the cable in the Data and Power Out port and check to see if any new devices are showing in the USB server software.
    1. If the devices are now showing, have the onsite individual confirm if the screen is now working.
    2. If the devices are not working, proceed to step 7.
  3. Ensure that the onsite individual has access to the pedestal and an unused Ethernet cable for testing inside. If site does not have a key or Ethernet cable, they should call back when they have the items necessary.
  4. Have the onsite individual open the pedestal and ensure that the cable is plugged firmly into the screen. If the cable is damaged, they will have to purchase new cable and have a technician on site to rerun. If the cable is unplugged, plug in the cable and verify if the image is now working.
  5. Have the onsite individual bring the screen and power cable inside for testing with the unused Ethernet cable. Have the onsite individual unplug the current Data and Power Out cable and plug one end of the new Ethernet cable into the Data and Power Out port and the other end of the cable into the back of the screen.
    1. If the screen turns on, they may need to have the cable going out to the pedestal re-terminated or rerun.
    2. If the screen does not turn on, it will need to be:Advanced Exchanged, if in warranty or the