How do I clean my digital screens?

Follow these steps to properly clean your digital displays.

1. Turn off your TV. Turn off your screen and allow it to cool before you clean it. Having the screen off makes it easier to see the smudges in the daylight.

2. Remove dust with a dry microfiber cloth. Wipe the entire surface of the screen as well as all edges of the TV, because dust buildup on ports and speakers can negatively affect performance over time.

3. Mist a formulated cleaning spray onto a clean microfiber cloth. You can opt for store-bought /commercially available screen cleaning solutions that are available from Amazon:

Or try an easy DIY solution, such as 1:1 parts of white vinegar and distilled water, or 1:4 parts distilled water to 70% isopropyl alcohol. These formulas may dry at different rates, so be sure that you don’t oversaturate your cloth. Avoid cleaners with ammonia, acetone or higher concentrations of alcohol as they can be too harsh.

4. Clean the TV screen with the cloth. Wipe the surface thoroughly so that no moisture is allowed to remain on the surface. Avoid any saturation into the edges of the screen.

5. Allow the screen to air dry.

6. Buff out streaks. If any residual streaks remain, a dry edge of a clean, dust-free microfiber cloth will also help to buff them away.

7. Keep it clean. The next time you touch the screen or notice a streak, buff it away with a clean microfiber cloth before it becomes a magnet for dust.