How do I adjust the sensitivity of my Loop Detector?

If your Loop Detector is not recognizing vehicles when they pull up to the ordering point, or if you're having problems with the detector being too sensitive. Please use the steps below to adjust the sensitivity.

The numbers that are displayed in the SENS window will change based on if there is a car in the Drive‐thru lane. When it is at zero it means there are no cars present. When you see a number it is measuring the sensitive of the detector when a car is over the loop. You want that number to register at around 4.

The sensitivity can be set from 1‐9 using the up and done buttons. You want it at a minimum of 4. The best way to set the sensitivity on the box is to have a car in the Drive‐thru over the loop. Set it at 4 and adjust up until you get a consistent detection.