Indoor Merchandising/POP

With over 60 years of marketing experience under our belt, The Howard Company can develop a merchandiser, store display or custom POP to meet your requirements, or order from our extensive selection of “off the shelf” products. Work with the Howard Creative Department to draft an idea custom to your decor.  We can use your supplied art or design a project from scratch.  Our design team will walk you through the process from design to production, giving you expert advice along the way. Count on us to maximize your up-selling opportunities from the time your customers walk in the door until they leave!

The Howard Company’s custom merchandisers and decor are an easy and attractive way to market your brand's daily specials, store hours, and other promotional displays. Whether you need a gift card display, stanchion sign, or window sign, The Howard Company can provide a solution for your restaurant or store's display needs. 

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Register Shrouds & Gift Card Holders
Stanchion Sign Poster Frames
Glass Promo Sign Info
EdgeLit LED Window Sign
Table Numbers

Poster Frames

Window Graphics

Drive-Thru Flex Brand Booster Topper & Wing

Drive-Thru Choice Brand Booster Topper & Wing

Drive-Thru Clearance Bar With Brand Booster


Outdoor Merchandising

The Howard Company’s custom outdoor merchandise are an easy and attractive way to market your brand's daily specials, store hours, and other promotions. Whether you need an outdoor poster frame in your drive-thru lane, directional sign at the drive-thru entrance, or a window graphic with colorful food displays, The Howard Company can provide a solution.

With over 70 years of experience, The Howard Company develops custom merchandising products to meet brand requirements. Work with our Creative Department to draft an idea specific to your drive-thru. We will do whatever it takes to get things done and make sure you are happy. Branding is our specialty - we can create a custom sign for your drive-thru menu board, a decal for your entry doors, wait signs to direct customers to temporary parking spots!  We sell solutions, not just products!

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Branding and Decor

Let The Howard Company’s talented creative team design and develop complete environments for your store, chain or venue!  We have years of experience bringing ideas from thoughts on paper to full store decor.  Our products are produced in-house, or we can work with your design firm to out-source and install specialty materials. We do menu boards, promotional pieces, wallpaper, graphics, canvas, directional signage - you name it: whatever you can imagine, we can create!

Have you thought about incorporating digital displays when planning your restaurant or store layout? Digital screens can do more than offer menu listings; use digital to entertain, educate, guide, engage - the options are endless! Layout multiple screens on a large wall in your lobby for a video wall with changing landscapes of your property or even large-scale artwork. Single screens can be used to direct traffic or make announcements building-wide from one computer source. With technology ever-evolving, expanding digital displays beyond the commercial scene into a decorative layer also takes connecting with consumers to a new level. Talk with our digital experts today to see what we can develop for you!

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