Building Signs

When sourcing your sign package for your business, come to the branding experts at The Howard Company. Each project is unique, so contact our team to get started on a quote for:

  • Illuminated Signs - Make your brand stand out against your building and turn your logo into a well-lit sign.
  • Channel Letters - Catch the attention of passers-by any time of day with custom signs designed to your specifications, front-lit or back-lit.
  • Monument Signs - Enhance your property with a striking monument or architectural sign. The canvas is yours as you select materials, shape, finishing and letter treatments. 
  • Cabinet Signs - Made from aluminum with faces made of polycarb, this most durable sign will be built to your specifications. 
  • Neon Signs - Somewhat of a lost art, we can help you make a dramatic statement with a hand-crafted neon. 

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Directional Signs

Directional Signs

Illuminated directional signs offer an opportunity to further brand your business while aiding customer traffic flow through your parking lot. Use our standard directional messages or customize the sign face to include your logo and message, and color-coordinate the unit to match the rest of your drive-thru!

  • Energy efficient T-5 lamps with bright, even illumination
  • Custom graphic inserts available with branding identification
  • Standard metal color options include: red, silver, brown, black, white, tan, blue, textured black - custom colors available at additional cost
  • Lead time is 10 business days for standard colors and sign faces

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Stall Parking Signs

Parking lot spots can be used to organize visitors who use online and mobile ordering processes. Knowing where a vehicle is parked helps employees and keeps operations moving quickly. Stall Parking Signs allow customers to avoid long lines in the drive-thru and any traffic building up indoors. These orders will be separated from the drive-thru line and will be more efficient for both the customers and the company.

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Outdoor Poster Frames

Poster Frames

Outdoor Poster Frames promote availability for online orders and pick up capabilities. When looking at the restaurant industry, approximately 70% of individuals use drive-thru lanes, implying that they rarely step inside any establishment. Outdoor Poster Frames are a great drive-thru sign solution to communicate different services and keep guests up to date. 

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Sidewalk Boards

Sidewalk Boards inform guests that your business is open and directs them to pick up and online services. In order for any business to operate smoothly and for a customer's experience to be convenient, direction needs to be in place. By implementing a Sidewalk Board, customers are given helpful information before they approach the front door. With Sidewalk Boards having a stand, it also allows businesses to adjust the location and communicate with cars entering the parking lot as a drive-thru sign.

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Sidewalk Boards