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The Howard Company has been turning ideas into reality for over 70 years! Let our experts help guide you and your business towards success by informing you of the industry's best practices and innovative ways you can enhance your customer's experience.

Matthew Johnson Bare-Bones Drive-Thru

Matthew Johnson discusses the three main components of drive-thru while showcasing The Howard Company's drive-thru menu boards.

The Benefits of Adding Presell Boards

Jim Reeder highlights the top three advantages of using The Howard Company's drive-thru presell boards.

Increasing Drive-Thru Sales with Digital Menu Boards

Explore the benefits of The Howard Company's outdoor digital solutions with Matthew Johnson.

Digital Menu Boards Math

The video above provides an example, demonstrating how drive-thru digital menu boards are designed to increase order totals.

The Howard Company and SYNERGY Restaurant Consultants talk about 'Designing for the Future: How to Maximize Revenue Opportunities Site-Wide.'

Join The Howard Company and MENU Technologies AG for a conversation surrounding omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel Strategy

Jean Jones explains three reasons businesses should complement their current operations with a branded omnichannel ecosystem and strategy.

Matthew Johnson - Reaching More Customers with Drive-Thru and Curbside Pickup

Matthew Johnson highlights custom solutions that will encourage more guests to use the drive-thru and curbside pickup.

Laura Paff - Adding a Drive-Thru with a Small Budget

Laura Paff explains how businesses with a small budget can offer a great drive-thru experience.

Rod Clouser - Better Utilizing Outdoor Space with Exterior Signs

Rod Clouser talks about complementing drive-thru and curbside pickup with exterior signage.

Laura Paff Planning For A Drive-Thru

Laura Paff introduces a checklist of 5 recommendations businesses can follow when planning to add a drive-thru to their location(s).

Jean Jones, Gary Kurtz, Grant Gustke, and Rod Clouser talk about enhancing drive-thru/curbside operations.

Custom Engineering (Grant Gustke)

Grant Gustke highlights The Howard Company's engineering and customization possibilities.

Drive-Thru Refresh (Jim Reeder)

Jim Reeder discusses common scenarios in the drive-thru that may require attention and a refresh. 

The Howard Companys Rollout Process
The Howard Company's Rollout Process

Jean Jones, Paula Ghelfi, and Kathy Thayer briefly explain The Howard Company's rollout process.

Jean - 35 Things You Can Do

Jean Jones introduces The Howard Company's '35 Things You Can Do Now' guide, created to improve business operations. Request a FREE copy today!

Barriers and Face Shields

Doug Watson talks about The Howard Company's many barrier and social distancing solutions.

Industry leaders share their insights and advice, in pursuit of helping restaurants emerge stronger together from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Matt - The Benefits of Adding Canopies-1

Matthew Johnson talks about canopies and the importance of using them in your drive-thru systems.

Gary - Drive-Thru and Branding Solutions For Convenience Stores

Gary Kurtz discusses solutions available to convenience stores and ways to engage customers.

Jim - Supporting Local Restaurants

Jim Reeder encourages everyone to support local businesses with the #ReceiptChallenge.

Doug - Industry Success Stories-1

Doug Watson comments on industry success stories taking place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gary - Assessing Drive-Thru and Curbside Pickup Performance

Gary Kurtz shares some observations about business improvement and maximizing future opportunities.

Rod - Curbside Pickup Solutions

Rod Clouser highlights The Howard Company's curbside pickup solutions.

Gary - Scaling Your Drive-Thru-1

Gary Kurtz talks about scaling your drive-thru and maintaining brand consistency across each location.

Grant - Drive-Thru Placement and Stacking

Grant Gustke discusses drive-thru placement and explains the concept of stacking.

Rod C - Hybrid Menu Boards

Rod Clouser talks about the advantages of Hybrid menu boards for both indoor and drive-thru.

Grant - Digital Content Creation

Grant Gustke reviews the best practices when it comes to content creation and distribution channels.

Matt - Indoor Digital Installations

Matthew Johnson discusses The Howard Company's process surrounding Indoor Digital Installations.

Laura - Static to Digital

Laura Paff talks about the advantages of switching your menu boards from static to digital.

Jim Video 1

Jim Reeder explains the importance of using commercial-grade digital displays over residential tv's.

Gary Digital Series Vlog Intro

Gary Kurtz begins a Vlog Series highlighting The Howard Company's 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage.

Gary Digital Series (Business)

Gary Kurtz introduces the first steps in considering a digital signage program for your business. 

Gary Digital Series (Content)-1

Gary Kurtz discusses content, one of the essential elements of digital signage.

Gary Digital Series (Design)

Gary Kurtz talks about design within digital signage including its purpose, the deployment, and the setting. 

THC promo video 8.17

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