The Howard Company offers a flexible installation program for any product we sell! We also provide installation services for equipment purchased from other sources. We are your one source from the start of your restaurant or retail equipment search to signing off the project completion with the installer. 

The installation process has several stages. Download our Drive-Thru Checklist to get a feel for the steps. We want to be sure you are happy with your product and satisfied it will operate in every way to meet your expectations. We know that well-managed drive-thru installations are a big part of that your satisfaction.

We offer:

  • Project management
  • Site surveys
  • Assistance with Permitting
  • Installation
  • Sign-off, approvals, completion photographs
  • Off-hours installation to minimize disruption of service
  • Post-installation surveys

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FAQ about the Scope of Work Process

Why do you need so much information so early?
Due to many factors, the more information we have up front, the better. Because of persistent labor shortages in skilled trades, in order to meet your timeline we need to reserve time with our partners to do your work well in advance.

Why doesn't The Howard Company pull the permits?

Simply put, we are not in your area. If you have a general contractor or sign company, they may do it for you. Make sure you check with them early on, so the project does not get held up. 

What if my dates change?

We recognize that things change. The key is to let us know as soon as something changes. If we have an installation appointment scheduled it is especially important to let us know as you will be charged for the trip, even if the installer turns around and leaves. 

Why do you need to know the IT person?

If you have digital screens, we need to discuss the setup for connecting them to the internet. We have specific data requirements, and if we can get with the IT person, we can make sure IT infrastructure will support what is needed for the screens to be updated and supported.


Download our installation timelines:


Through our alliance with a national installation firm, we have a nationwide network of installation professionals available to work on large or small jobs. We have experience with indoor and outdoor product installations. Projects can vary from large chain rollouts, to test market programs, to one-time single-location installations. Our job is to help make sure the job is completed on time with the least disruption possible. 

The Howard Company can furnish installation services for:

  • Multi-unit/nationwide product rollouts
  • Single locations
  • Digital drive-thru and static drive-thru, including canopies, clearance bars, preview boards, directional signs, and timing systems
  • Indoor digital displays and menu boards
  • Indoor illuminated or magnetic menu boards
  • Window graphics and decor

We would be pleased to design a plan for your unique needs.  Contact us to see what we can do for you!