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Howard Co Vision Quest ID Digital

The Howard Company's brand of digital restaurant menu boards and signage is an easy-to-use, self-contained digital display system complete and ready to go with a built-in player or mini computer pre-loaded with QL Content Manager. The digital menu board software for content management is the same for both our indoor restaurant digital menu systems and digital drive-thru menu boards. Our easy-to-program digital software makes updating your digital screens a breeze.

Five important components to look for in a digital display provider:

  • Quality display screens in a variety of size options
  • Content players or mini-PC equipment
  • Content Management Software
  • Content Creation Services
  • After-the-sale support and training, including installation and hosting

About Our Digital Menu Board System

The Howard Company's digital menu board system offers five standard components to digital sign users:

  • Hardware, including screens, media players (PC Based), custom shrouds, surrounds and hybrid systems, and cable and mounting brackets
  • QL Content Manager software
  • Custom Content Creation is available
  • Site survey and equipment installation is available
  • Technical support during normal business hours, After-the-Sale services and product warranty

Read this timely article about the benefits businesses should consider when thinking about moving to digital signage for their restaurant or Digital program exampleretail store.


Our Digital Menu Board Components

Digital Menu Board Components

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Template Designer

template designer details template designer image

There are two template services that you can choose from: Basic or The Works. To determine which of these services will work best and the capabilities of a Digital Content Management System read Going Digital with a CMS

The Howard Company's digital menu board solution offers LCD displays in screen size options from 32” to 85”. Screens are commercial grade, vs conventional consumer grade TV-style screens not meant for continuous use.

The Howard Company digital display program also features three different levels of software management packages designed to maximize your content and display needs. Users have the option to host their own platform or use The Howard Company’s cloud host for an annual fee.

Remember when planning a digital menu display for your restaurant or retail store to allow time to develop your plan. READ THIS for tips on avoiding five potential digital deployment pitfalls.

Our support team is here to help you with programming or technical issues. We want to make it easy for you to switch to digital!

Quality Display Screens: Commerical Grade vs Consumer Grade

The Howard Company's digital displays are LCD available in sizes from 32" to 65", with LED and Plasma screens also available. Our screens are COMMERCIAL grade vs consumer grade. What does this mean for you?

  • Designed for 24/7 use
  • Portrait or Landscape mode options
  • Enhanced bezels
  • Clearer picture
  • Multiple media hardware ports
  • The right choice for digital signage!
  • Limited manufacturer's warranty for digital signage applications
  • Landscape mode only
  • Fancy bezels = improper cooling
  • Constant use = SHORTER LIFESPAN!
  • Limited DVD player or cable input
QL Digital Content Management Software

Our content manager is a complete digital signage solution that includes a robust and reliable content management server, a user-friendly web-based dashboard, and a powerful media player software. There is no server to purchase, install or maintain. 

  • QL Cloud Hosting

QL server hosting and maintenance is handled by Navori Labs. This is the quickest way to get your digital signage network up and running. QL Digital Content Management SoftwareThere is a monthly fee for each QL Player license you deploy. This software is perfect for folks who do not have access to a dedicated IT department that can handle the technical side of the system. There is zero maintenance to perform and your content is secure.

  • QL Content Manager

The QL Content Manager features a user-friendly dashboard you access via your web browser. There is no local software to install or maintain. Just type in the QL Server address, enter your credentials and you are good to go! Portrait and landscape screen orientation is supported on all platforms.

QL Content ManagerQL Content Manager includes an easy to use template and ticker designer. You create sophisticated layouts including images, videos, animations, web pages, broadcast TV, streaming video, plus live data from social media and external databases. Display product descriptions and pricing from your POS system or store the information in QL server. Edit content and update your displays instantly from anywhere.

QL lets you schedule and deploy content in minutes. Data from external sources update automatically so you can concentrate on your business.

QL monitors every player, 24/7 and can send out email alerts in case of hardware failure or other technical issues. QL Content Manager displays live status indicators right in the dashboard so you always know what is going on.

Installation and Support after the sale!

Leave the installation of your new digital display system to the professionals! We offer a complete site survey to determine which display system will work best for you including:

  • Hardware needed for the mounting system
  • Electrical requirements
  • Cabling requirements
  • Testing for wireless capabilities
  • Site photos
  • Sign-off and review with you

Our Support Policy:

  • All customers receive full access to the online QL knowledge base. This site contains a collection of articles and self-help guides ranging from solving installation problems to using the most common software features.
  • Telephone & e-mail support between 7:30 AM CST and 5 PM CST

Annual software support contracts are also available which include:

  • Extended support hours from 7:30 am CST and 11 pm CST
  • Notification of bugs, improvements, and upgrades via email
  • Update insurance with access to all minor and major version upgrades
  • Quarterly remote mini-pc maintenance (updates & optimization)

We do not leave you high and dry after the sale: two hours of standard web-based training is available with every Digital Menu System purchase from The Howard Company. Complete user guides and flash-based tutorials are available through our website at no charge for customers.

Sample Digital Display Packages

Screen options shown are only a sample of The Howard Company's Digital capabilities. We stock screens in sizes 32", 42", 46" and 55" (measured diagonally), with special order screens 65" and larger. Variations on the packages can be adapted to your individual needs. Our systems are custom; contact us to get a quote for product that meets your situation.

42" Screen Options Examples (other screen sizes are available)

42 in screen

Single Digital Menu Board
  • One 42" Commercial Monitor
  • One Media Player
    Single HDMI Output
  • One 6' HDMI cable
  • One Tilt Wall Mount
  • QL Content Management Software
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Design Software

ID Digital

Dual Digital Menu Board
  • Two 42" Commercial Monitors
  • One Media Player Dual
    HDMI Output
  • Two Tilt Wall Mounts
  • Two 6' HDMI Cables
  • QL Content Management Software
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Designer Software

Digital ID

Triple Digital Menu Board
  • Three 42" Commercial Monitors
  • One Media Player Quad
    HDMI Output
  • Three Tilt Wall Mounts
  • Three 6' HDMI Cables
  • QL Content Management Software
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Design Software

4 panel

Quad Digital Menu Board
  • Four 42" Commercial Monitors
  • One Media Player Quad
    HDMI Output
  • Four Tilt Wall Mounts
  • Four 6' HDMI Cables
  • QL Content Management Software
  • 1 Year Annual Subscription with
    Menu Designer Software

♦ Installation costs and shipping will be determined after a Site Survey is completed. 

♦ Pricing will include an initial digital menu layout and two hours of online training. 

♦ 3 year warranty on media player and monitor screen. 

♦ 90 day warranty on installation with 'hot-swap' for any part. 

♦ Extended warranties are available.

This is only a sample of options we can provide for you!

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