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Increase Drive-Thru Revenue with Digital Menu Boards

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Outdoor digital solutions can be used by many types of businesses and industries. Promoting products, services, specials, limited-time offers, news and information, events, and other pieces of content are great opportunities to interact with customers.

Along with the Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board, there are other digital solutions businesses can utilize, including:

  • Drive-Thru Flex All-In-One Digital Menu Board Solution
    • Combine the Drive-Thru Flex Menu Board, Speaker & Mic, and Canopy in all one system!
  • Outdoor Information Screens
    • Encourage guests passing by to enter by displaying high-quality images and motion that will capture their attention.
  • Digital Preview Boards
    • Use a single digital screen, prior to the main menu board or display, to advertise customer favorites, limited-time offers, charity partnerships, etc.

Digital Makes Compliance Easy

Be in compliance now with FDA mandated food labeling laws and include calories in the design of your menu display. The Howard Company design department can help you lay out your menu and show you how to meet the requirements of the new food labeling legislation.

Coordinate changes using software from your indoor system to update your drive-thru menu board. Our goal is to make keeping your menu systems current as easy as possible!

Expert Digital Design Services

Take advantage of our expert design services. Our talented design team can take your vision and make it a revenue-generating reality.

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