Canopies and Clearance Bars

With a standard clearance height of 9 feet, both the single and double clearance bars are securely anchored on the curb or pavement in the drive-thru lane. Clearance height is stated on the crossbar. Add branding or specials with optional brand boosters.

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Don't miss out on potential drive-thru sales because of the weather. The Howard Company’s outdoor stand-alone drive thru canopy provides comfort and security for your drive-thru lane guests.  Both the standard upright pole and the optional angled pole designs offer shade and protection over your drive-thru speaker post. Or add the speaker/microphone option along with an order confirmation screen to the pole to de-clutter and open up space in the lane.

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Other Drive-Thru Essentials

A drive-thru system wouldn't be complete without order confirmation systems, directional signage and preview boards. At the Howard Company, we research and develop drive-thru lane products our business partners can use to enhance their guests' experience from the moment they turn into the parking lot until they leave with their purchases. All these solutions can be custom colored to complement your branding, or order from our stock color selection.  

Drive-thru Brand Booster Topper & Wing

Order Confirmation System Specs

Speaker Post Specs

Directional Sign Specs

3M Headset System Specs

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