Interior Design Services

The Howard Company offers many different solutions when it comes to interior design, with each opportunity being entirely customizable. Our experts will work with you to understand your thoughts and vision, allowing us to turn those ideas into a reality. Here are some of the solutions we have provided to our partners:

  • Menu Boards
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Community Boards
  • Condiment Fixtures
  • Decorative Boards/Signs
  • Decorative Wallpaper
  • Poster Frames
  • Merchandise Shelving Units
  • Video Walls
  • Wall Art
  • Stanchion Signs

Request an Interior Design Consultation

For over 70 years The Howard Company has been working with restaurants and retail operations to create branding products. Every business has its own unique personality.  The branding and decor must reflect it. Our experts can help you with the interior design and branding elements you need.