Coca Cola Corporate contacted us, asking about our capabilities to update and refresh snack and beverage counter menu boards in major college sports stadiums throughout the country. They wanted each stadium to maintain their school identity on the menu boards, customize the snack and beverage listings to their product lines, and yet carry the Coke branding. The Howard Company took on the challenge and set their design and engineering departments on the task of creating solutions easily adaptable to multiple stadium needs.


Once the designs were agreed upon, The Howard worked with our national installation firm to survey each stadium participating in the snack counter refresh program to determine how many menu boards would be needed, and which of several designs would best fit each station. In addition, school food services directors were involved to create a menu list for each individual counter and food kiosk site. Working closely with the Howard's layout design department, finalized menus featuring food items custom to the stadium and school logos and colors were created and approved. The new menu boards were constructed of easily changeable magnetic strips, graphics and prices for quick updates by food service personnel. In many stadiums, wall graphics were created to provide visually appealing wall space instead of blank concrete blocks.

As layouts were approved, our national installation firm was again called upon to remove old menu boards and install all the new products in stadiums and concert venues throughout the United States. Schools were able to keep tabs on installation progress using the firm's informational website; keeping school or venue personnel abreast of the changes was very important on all levels of installations.


The Howard Company's ability to work within tight time constraints (some stadiums only had weeks to update before their opening seasons) and to do multiple installations at the same time was greatly appreciated by the Coca Cola corporate team. The Howard was able to design, manufacture and install custom systems in college baseball and football stadiums, basketball arenas, in professional sports arenas (Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis is a great example), and in concert venues throughout the United States over a three year period. We continue to meet the needs of these stadiums by providing annual updates of menu listings and graphics as needed.

Meeting the needs of our customers is a primary goal of The Howard Company and its brand companies.  Customers looking for supplier stability, quality menu boards with competitive pricing and a dependable customer service department find these traits evident in every Howard Company product. The Howard Company and its brands continue to offer their customers the highest quality products and outstanding customer service at an affordable price.  Our return customers attest to our desire to keep our products on the top of their list when looking for new or replacement menu boards for their stores. 

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