The Human Bean is a growing drive-thru coffee brand with a franchise program in place. Their first location debuted in 1998 in the city of Ashland, Oregon. They quickly started to expand to many states across the country, introducing new customers to their delicious drink menu. Along with a variety of coffees and beverages, The Human Bean focuses on the drive-thru, providing guests with a convenient, easy-access dining experience.

The Howard Company's partnership with The Human Bean began with indoor digital menu boards at their only dine-in location. Soon after, The Human Bean was interested in The Howard Company's drive-thru solutions, including the Drive-Thru Choice Static Menu Board with printed graphics and the Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board. When the Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board was introduced, The Human Bean was fascinated by the flexibility of swapping printed graphic panels with digital displays at any time. They opted to replace the existing DT Choice menu boards with the DT Flex.


The Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board can be configured in multiple combinations of full static/print, digital hybrid, and full digital. This allows The Human Bean to be flexible with the content. In January 2021, team members from The Howard Company visited The Human Bean in Woodland Park, Colorado to convert a digital hybrid to full digital. Two printed graphics panels were swapped out with two digital displays.

As The Human Bean operates a franchise system, the brand allows their franchisees to decide what level of menu board they want to purchase, but all of them will have the conduit set up to convert to a full Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board in the future.


Introduction with Grant Gustke


Before and After Installation


The process of swapping out panels is easy and quick. The Howard Company is able to make the changes on-site and while the drive-thru remains open to customers. During installation, many guests visited to purchase their favorite drink. 

The Human Bean in Woodland Park, Colorado started with a triple door drive-thru menu board with two static and one digital panel. They were able to test digital with a high-quality, attractive menu board. This gave them the opportunity to test the capabilities offered by digital signage, such as dayparting, brand messaging, and frequently changing LTO's. When they saw the power of the digital displays on a single screen, they realized it would make sense to do the swap of the two static panels. 

We encourage anyone interested in the Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board to visit The Human Bean in Woodland Park, Colorado at 275 East US HWY 24 to experience the drive-thru in person. And do not miss out on trying their delicious coffees and beverages!

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