St. Romain Oil Company, Inc., parent company of Y-Not Stop Convenience Stores, was founded in 1970 by Edmond St. Romain to provide quality fuels and lubricants to farmers, loggers, construction, riverboats, generators and service stations in central Louisiana. The first convenience store was purchased in 1987. Since then, additional store locations have been developed throughout the Central Louisiana area.

The original Y-Not Stop stores featured the Mainstreet Gold menu board systems; St Romain learned of the VisionQuest digital displays through a marketing campaign sent to existing Howard Company customers. They were intrigued by the capabilities of using digital menu boards to display their freshly prepared food in a fun, modern way.


After initial inquiries and discussions of how a digital menu board system based on their needs might work in their convenience stores, it was decided to try a system at a test location. The original digital display used static menus on two screens in their hot foods service area.

The test location was so successful, management decided to expand digital displays into their other 14 locations. The ability to adjust prices in a timely manner as the cost of fresh ingredients changed assured stores they wouldn’t miss out on opportunities. Errors made by managers making changes in their stores were resolved by the ability to update all menu boards at one time from one central location.


Y-Not Stop digital displays now incorporate video along with menu listings, and include promotional advertising for other vendors who sell products in Y-Not Stop convenience stores. Most stores have a minimum of two screens with several outlets installing three digital displays. Additionally, The Howard Company was asked to redesign an updated layout of menu listings to include movement of professional food pictures showcasing Y-Not Stop specialty foods.

“Our customers love seeing the many different pictures of our food that move in a video format! The digital boards are much more visually appealing, and add to the overall experience,” says Amanda St Romain, marketing director of Y-Not Stop at St Romain Oil. “I really appreciate how (the team at The Howard Company) go above and beyond to make sure I am happy with the final result. - Top of the line technology with an excellent team of people!”


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