Order Confirmation Systems

What is an order confirmation system (OCS)?

An order confirmation system offers restaurants the ability to showcase orders on drive-thru menu boards for customers to review. There are many advantages that come along with utilizing an order confirmation system, including:

  • True ROI Model:
    • Order confirmation systems eliminate the amount of time that is spent verbally reviewing orders with customers.
    • Cars can be served faster, resulting in more orders taken and a better drive-thru experience.
    • Less items are comped. Correct orders mean fewer mistakes and not having to waste food, beverages, and supplies.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience:
    • Customers can double-check what they ordered. This establishes trust and keeps customers returning for more!
  • Order Confirmation Systems Integrate With POS Solutions:
    • PAR Brink
    • NCR Aloha
    • Spot On
  • Two Types Of Order Confirmation Systems Are Available:
    • The Howard Company's OCS
      • Customizable:
        • Size of the Order Confirmation Area
        • Fonts
        • One or two columns of text
        • Trigger custom messages based on POS data
        • Full-screen takeover for order review
        • Dictionary feature keeps the line moving rather than reviewing orders at the pickup window
      • The system is integrated with The Howard Company's digital drive-thru menu boards.
      • Stand-alone displays are compatible with our OCS.
      • One-time integration fee and license for each lane. A payment that is one and done!
      • Combine it with Navori for Windows Media Players!
    • Delphi Stand-Alone Solution

Grant Gustke, Regional Vice President at The Howard Company, provides an overview of how past and present Order Confirmation Systems (OCS) are displayed.

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