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Add an illuminated or non-illuminated brand booster to expand the opportunities to display your messages. They are perfect for specials and limited time offers (LTO's), or to highlight your highest margin items. Brand Boosters are the answer to 'boost' your sales in providing additional exposure!

  • Available in illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Side wing hardware is powder coated metal with an adjustable mounting bracket to control the angle
  • Standard color choices for metal parts include: red, silver, brown, black, white, tan, blue, textured black. Custom colors are available with additional lead time.
  • Lead time is 10 business days

Many Options For Your Business:

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Drive-Thru Flex Brand Booster Topper & Wing
Drive-Thru Choice Brand Booster Topper & Wing
Drive-Thru Deluxe Single Clearance Bar With Brand Booster

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