Active Monitoring Services

Digital Signage Active Monitoring Services


For multi-unit restaurant operators, keeping all systems up and running optimally at every location is a big reason for the success of the brand. It can also be a major headache, both for the on-site team and for the remote IT department.

While digital menu boards add the luxury of dynamic content, they are another piece of equipment that can go down. If the outage happens in the middle of a rush, the bottom line will take a hit. Panicked and frustrated on-site team members often are not trained to resolve the problem. Off-site IT people often can't react quickly enough. That's why we offer active monitoring of the digital screens you have deployed on our content management system.

Our active monitoring services are designed to ensure the reliability and optimal performance of your digital displays, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing your customers with a great meal.

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Proactive Monitoring and Management

Our dedicated team of experts utilizes their tools to keep a vigilant eye on your screens.  By identifying potential issues before they escalate, we ensure maximum uptime and minimal disruption to your operations.


Minimize Downtime

In the event of a potential problem, our active monitoring team acts swiftly to identify and diagnose issues, minimizing menu board downtime and mitigating potential impacts on your business. Our proactive approach ensures that problems are addressed before a menu goes down.

Why Choose Active Monitoring Services?

Most restaurants have two or three rushes per day with extended slow times in between. Losing a menu board during a rush is not an option. Not only does it frustrate customers, it frazzles the on-site team and takes a bite out of that day's sales. Having a system in place to make sure the system is healthy is an excellent and low-cost safety net.



How Does It Work?

Our team prioritizes your displays and players to ensure smooth functionality. Our digital support specialists conduct a thorough status check every morning to guarantee optimal performance.

Every aspect undergoes daily checks, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Upon detection of any issues, a service ticket is automatically generated, alerting designated contacts to the identified issues. This proactive approach primarily addresses customer-facing concerns, allowing for timely intervention and resolution. Notifications are sent via email, persisting until the situation is effectively resolved, guaranteeing continuous awareness and action.

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