Professional Service bundles are service hours you can use towards designing and managing your digital menu board assets. Hours can be used for the following services:



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Content Creation

The Howard Company has internal designers to help you transform your current static boards or create a new design for digital. They'll incorporate changeable images, videos, Day/Night designs and storyboards future promotions or LTO's. Content Creation will include the following services:

Content Creation

Content Management

Content Management

It is easy to order new graphics or update digital screens as The Howard Company keeps all artwork on file. For both current or new stores, the designers can take care of:

  • Graphics for new locations
    • Reformatting for different layouts, changing pricing and menu offerings
  • Updating content design
    • Pricing, menu listings, descriptions., images, drink offerings and uploading
  • Manage Scheduled Content 
    • Scheduling LTO's, day/night menus
  • Adjusting playlists
  • Digital Roll-Outs

Template Creation

Template creation services for digital menus allow you the ability to make your own changes to your screens anytime and and have them reflect on your screens immediately! We create the template based on your desired design — either created by our designers or provided to us by your own designer — and set them up to what will work best for you:

  • Create editable templates in CMS
  • Create dynamic regions
    • Rotating images & videos

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Training Services

After our digital team creates the templates, they will provide a training session —typically for 1 hour — to teach you how to make your own edits and templates in the CMS. Recording the training session is encouraged so that you have a step by step guide on how to:

  • Change pricing 
  • Update photos
  • Change menu items
  • Schedule day/night menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Schedule limited time offers
  • Manage menu content at multiple locations
  • Create your own templates for future locations
An hour of training is included with with your digital order, but additional training after is subjected to a service charge.

Video Editing

Improve the video content of your digital screens with video editing services. The Howard Company can help you customize stock videos or assist with your own by:

  • Adding transitions 
  • Cropping & resizing
  • Clip trimming
  • Color correction
  • Editing or removing audio

Motion Animation Design

Motion Animation Design

Add motion to your photos and branding elements to make them pop! Animated design can be any of the following examples:
  • Dancing combo numbers
  • Growing & shrinking photos
  • Moving backgrounds
  • Images fading in and out

3D Content

Bring branding elements or objects to life with 3D animation motion. Use 3D content to your digital screens to:
  • Tell your brand story
  • Visually engage guest
  • Add motion to your menus
  • Enhance focus on Promotions
3D Content

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