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Drive Thru Anatomy

The drive-thru lane is quickly becoming the first point of contact you have with your dining guests - it should reflect the same high standards you hold for your inside dining room! 

We can help maximize your drive-thru receipts with drive-thru menu board systems and optional equipment that optimize your restaurant brand, offering size options, stock and custom colors and a full array of marketing choices to make it easy to upgrade your profits! Look to us for digital drive-thru menu boards, menu board speaker systems, standard drive-thru menu signs, drive-thru canopies and more, plus we offer installation services all over the United States.

Find everything from your directional signage to marketing materials from one source - look to The Howard Company to provide you with top quality drive-thru products at a price you can afford!


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NEW! All-in-one Drive-Thru Solution!

Designed and built for the restaurant operator with limited Drive-Thru space, The Howard Company introduces a product that combines a flat-top canopy with a multi-panel menu board, plus an order confirmation board with speaker and microphone. This unique design provides state-of-the art performance for operators with limited space in confined areas.

Like other Howard Company designs, the canopy provides comfort and a sense of security combined with protection from rain snow, sun and wind. The rotating “swing away” roof design (helix) is standard, reducing damage to the canopy from over-sized vehicles. With seven standard colors and custom color matching, your drive-thru system will enhance your brand outside as well as inside.

To display your menu listings, chose either digital menu board panels, or LED illuminated static panels with full graphics, or even combine them in an unlimited array of options to suit your situation. The Howard Company offers free menu board designs for a menu display that maximizes and promotes your custom food and beverage listings for the highest ROI.

Drive-thru guests can order using a standard speaker/microphone system, or include an order confirmation system to tie in with your in-house POS and reduce order error. 

Our sales staff can help you select and design components for an all-in-one system that works for you!

The Howard Company All-In-One Drive-Thru Solution boasts considerable construction and installation cost savings: one foundation, conduit for high and low voltage component needs, and menu board/order confirmation components in one package. Call us to find out if this new product will be the perfect solution for your drive-thru needs!


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Howard Co Drive Thru Menu Board

Drive - Thru Menu Boards

Our engineers have designed the Drive-Thru Choice menu board series to be the most versatile drive-thru system available! Choose any size, color, and panel combination to create a system perfect for your drive-thru lane. 

Our main units are energy efficient and use the newest LED lighting technology.  Our drive-thru menu boards are ready to ship in 10 business days; we can work with your contractor in new construction situations or call on our national installation services to install your board.

Match a canopy, preview board, speaker post or directional sign to create a fully branded drive-thru lane to serve your drive-thru guests. Our graphic designers take your menu listings to create dynamic full graphics, or mix graphics and strips - free content design is included with your new drive-thru board!

In this world of quick service needs and increasing drive-thru lane traffic, let us help you make the most of your drive-thru lane and improve your bottom line!


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Howard Co Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards

We searched for the most reliable digital drive-thru menu board system available that could meet the stringent requirements of a digital outdoor menu board: weatherproof, easy to read in all light sources, and cost effective.

We are proud to say our digital drive-thru menu board solution meets those requirements and offers much more – flexibility, quality, maintenance free design, and easy-to-update menu content programming. Sensors in the cabinet respond to daylight conditions and adjust the screen lighting as needed, so your content is visible no matter how dark or bright the day is.

Don't want a full digital menu board? Combine a single digital display with traditional static graphics or strips to create a hybrid board in which you can change out promotional items as needed. Several software programing options are available, so you can choose to operate one location or multiple locations as needed. Functional and creative – The Howard Company seeks to be your “go to” for digital menu board solutions!



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Howard Co HyperView Order Confirmation System

Order Confirmation Systems

An order confirmation kiosk (OCS) works with your POS system to allow drive-thru guests to visually verify menu selections with your in-store personnel as they order. Drive-thru lane guests see YOUR custom-loaded menu graphics as they order, along with custom restaurant promotions in a colorful scrolling display. Stand-alone units have several kiosk color options available, and the pole mount unit can be color matched to your other drive-thru equipment.

Use an optional timing system to track guest drive-thru service times from entry point through the drive-thru lane until the order is picked up (magnetic in-ground loops are needed for this feature.) Make your drive-thru lane more efficient with these high-quality tools! Read more about the HyperActive Timer System and the Delphi Fast Track Timing system.

The Howard Company offers two different options for OCS/Timer products - the HyperView order confirmation display and Delphi Endura™ E-Net™ Order Confirmation System. We will be happy to review your drive-thru needs and suggest a system that will be optimal for your situation.

Read this interesting article from QSRWEB about using OCS technology to define your menu mix and streamline your drive thru-lane!

Learn More about HyperView

Learn More about Delphi
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Howard Co Speaker Post

Speaker Post

Use our stand-alone metal speaker post with your drive-thru menu board; it is available in seven colors to coordinate with our other drive-thru accessories, and is constructed using maintenance-free aluminum. Purchase it with or without duplexing speaker and microphone kit - this unit is equipped to house most popular communications systems. (See our 3M™ system information). Need installation? Contact us to learn about our national installation group.

Need a vehicle detection system for your drive-thru lane? We can help you with that too. Read this article to help clear up the mystery of what loop vehicle detectors are and how they work in your drive-thru lane.

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Howard Co Headsets Communication System


We have teamed up with 3M™ to bring our business partners high quality and durable headsets for their drive-thru operations. If you need a system with enhanced microphone technology that improves sound clarity and reduces background noice, take a look at this system. Touch buttons and no on-off switch means few moving parts to break down.

Light weight and easy to service and operate, the 3M™ headset system can make drive-thru order processing a breeze. Count on The Howard Company to be your full service drive-thru service resource.

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Howard Co Drive-Thru Canopy


Don't miss out on potential drive-thru sales because of the weather. The Howard Company’s outdoor stand-alone drive thru canopy provides comfort and security for your drive-thru guests.  Both the standard upright pole and the optional angled pole designs offer shade and protection for your drive-thru speaker post.

Add uplighting for guest security at night. A movable self-return option allows the canopy to swing forward when struck by an oversized vehicle, then slide back into position.

The off-set angled canopy version allows you to place the canopy in tight quarters if installing behind your speaker post or menu board isn't an option.

Choose from seven standard colors or custom color-match to meet your design requirements. We can ship this product out to you in 10 business days, and can coordinate installation nationwide if needed.

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New Style Flat Top Canopy

Howard Co_Flat Top CanopyHoward Company engineers have developed a flat top drive-thru canopy that utilizes energy efficient LED downlighting. Protect your drive-thru lane guests from weather while they order! 

Options include adding speakers/microphones to replace a standard speaker post, or add an Order Confirmation System for easy order verification for your guests.

A movable self-return option allows the canopy to swing forward when struck by an oversized vehicle, then slide back into position. 

The Flat Top Canopy is made of high quality structural steel - this product will last for years in all weather conditions! Choose from seven standard colors or custom color-match to meet your design requirements. The roof top material is offered in either ultra durable vinyl or aluminum to match your steel color options.We can ship this product out to you in 10 business days, and can coordinate installation nationwide if needed.


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Deluxe Clearance Bar


Creating two new drive-thru clearance bar solutions adds more quality options to The Howard Company's drive-thru array, giving the QSR additional choices to fit any drive-thru layout. These designs are developed with the end goal of reducing the chance of damage to QSR guest vehicles and to the restaurant building itself. Each option has it's own selling points, with solid construction and a pivoting crossbar common components of both pieces.

Featured as a new product to watch by FSR! READ MORE

With a standard clearance height of 9 feet, both the single and double clearance bars are securely anchored on the curb or pavement in the drive-thru lane. Clearance height is stated on the crossbar.

When centered between dual lanes, the bi-directional Deluxe Double Bar is the perfect solution for a two lane drive-thru, reducing equipment clutter to one clearance bar versus two. When struck by an over-sized vehicle in either lane, the horizontal crossbar rotates forward, then back to the original position once the vehicle backs up.

The single lane deluxe clearance bar must be placed on the left (driver’s side) of the lane, allowing the horizontal bar to swing forward, then back to the original position when struck.

Operators can add the optional suspended warning bar if the overhand clearance is less than 9 feet. 

With seven standard paint colors and custom color matching available, the Deluxe Clearance Bars will complement any existing drive-thru system, keeping branding consistent throughout the drive-thru lane.

Constructed of powder-coated steel, either clearance bar will guarantee years of performance in the drive-thru lane.

Learn More - Single Bar 

Learn More - Double Bar

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See How It Works! 

Howard Co Drive-thru Clearance Bar

Clearance Bar

Our universal clearance pole has an adjustable height warning bar to help minimize vehicle damage to your property (and to your guests' vehicles!). It features a large graphic area at the top to display your store brand and clearance height. Graphics are customized and made-to-order.

If you would prefer a custom clearance bar, we can design and engineer a product to meet your criteria. We can do whatever it takes to make what you need for a fair price, and delivered on time! Plus, nationwide installation is available for all Howard Company products!


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Howard Co Directional Signs

Directional Signage

Further brand your store while directing customer traffic flow through your parking lot with an illuminated directional sign. Use our standard directional messages or customize the sign face with your branding and message. We make it easy to color-coordinate the can and post to match your drive-thru menu board and other pieces of your drive-thru array.

Illuminated with energy efficient LED lighting means no ballasts to burn out and replace. 

Need a custom shape or design? No problem! Our engineers and designers will create what you need for your drive-thru lane or parking lot! Give us a call - let us make your drive-thru lane a success!



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Howard Co Drive-thru AccessoriesAccessories

Complete the look of your drive-thru lane with a color-coordinated awning over your pick-up window. 

Four color vinyl window graphics display promotional items or express décor. 

Outdoor poster frames displaying promos or food combos maximize building wall area as cars process from the ordering position to the pick-up window. 

Keep your parking lot tidy by positioning trash receptacles with arm extensions in the lane area.

Add a wing or a topper to your existing menu board to expand visual product display.

Looking for something special? Our engineering department can create the perfect solution for your drive-thru needs!


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