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Jim Reeder: Commercial-Grade Displays

April 22, 2020 / by Jean Jones

Jim Reeder, National Sales Manager, explains the importance of using commercial-grade digital displays over residential televisions for your business.

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When it comes to using digital screens for your business there are major differences between commercial-grade digital displays and residential televisions. The Howard Company only offers commercial-grade screens for digital menu boards due to their many advantages. Here are a few things to consider when looking at commercial-grade digital screens:

  • Durability: Commercial-grade displays are made for continuous use, allowing them to last longer than residential televisions. Hotels and Airports are two industries that are big advocates for commercial-grade screens as they are displaying information 24/7.
  • Warranty: Generally speaking, purchasing screens at big box stores will not include a warranty if it ends up being displayed in a high use business setting.
  • Privacy: Commercial-grade monitors often are not equipped with television tuners, which provides protection from tampering.

If you have any questions you would like Jim to answer in a future video, please submit them in the comments box below.

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Jean Jones

Written by Jean Jones

Jean Jones started in restaurant marketing in 1996 when she and her husband operated two fine dining restaurants in Wisconsin. After a detour into marketing for a real estate development firm, she returns to the restaurant industry with The Howard Company.