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Jim Reeder: Supporting Local Restaurants

April 3, 2020 / by Jim Reeder

Jim Reeder, National Sales Manager, stresses the importance of supporting local restaurants during the Covid 19 pandemic and encourages everyone to participate in the receipt challenge!

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While many restaurants are struggling to stay afloat, the creativity and resourcefulness of operators around the country is inspiring. They are coming up with new ways to attract and serve customers, while putting aside their own challenges to serve medical workers and first responders. The Howard Company encourages everyone to support their local restaurants. From drive-thru lanes to delivery to purchasing gift cards to curbside pickup with online and mobile ordering processes, there are multiple ways to help out. 

As Jim mentioned in the video we are starting the #ReceiptChallenge. Simply take a picture of your favorite restaurant's receipt and email it to us or attach it in the comment section on our social media posts. Let's show our appreciation to all the restaurant workers out there!

If you have any questions or you would like to send us a picture of a receipt, please click here:

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Jim Reeder

Written by Jim Reeder

Jim Reeder, National Sales Manager at The Howard Company