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Rod Clouser: Curbside Pickup Solutions

April 22, 2020 / by Rod Clouser

Rod Clouser, National Sales Manager, highlights The Howard Company's curbside pickup solutions.

Mobile and online ordering processes are growing to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Whether your business currently provides these services or not, it is important to understand how The Howard Company's curbside pickup solutions can enhance the flow of your operations. 

  • Curbside pickup solutions will help organize your parking lot. Customers who are picking up pre-placed orders do not want to wait in the drive-thru and individuals wishing to use the drive-thru want their experience to be as fast and accurate as possible. Assigning certain parking spot to digital ordering processes provides a sense of direction and eliminate traffic jams.
  • Less confusion results in higher productivity. With well placed signage, your employees will know where in the parking lot to deliver mobile and online orders. By also advertising to customers to stay in their vehicles, employees can focus on other tasks rather than physically directing people where to go. Curbside pickup solutions result in an easy-to-follow process.

If you have any questions or you would like to request a curbside pickup solutions consultation, please contact us here:

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Rod Clouser

Written by Rod Clouser

Rod Clouser, National Sales Manager at The Howard Company