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September 12, 2018 | by Cheryl K

Menu Board Redesign: Call in the Professionals!

Whether you are a big chain restaurant operation or a small multi-store group, you surround yourself with resources and people you can count on to give you honest input on how to make your business a success. You value their professional opinions and hope their expertise fills in the holes of your experience.  Here’s my question: do you have someone in your resource group who can offer expert experience in the menu board and Point-of-Purchase business? 

Take a look!

When your guests look at your menu board, do they see an organized and uncluttered menu board system that engages them?  Howard CompanyDo your pre-sale promotional signs prove out in actual sales? Just as your accountant helps you prepare payroll, or your electrician ensures your equipment is running in tip-top shape, you should reach out to a professional who can help you design your menu board so it optimizes your food offerings and give your dining guests a great customer experience.

What do they see?

To show you what I’m talking about, I pulled a couple of menu board examples off the internet. Is this what your guests see when they look at your menu board? If so, how can they make a decision for what they want to order? What does this say about how these restaurants value their walk-in business?


Example 1:


Howard Company


In the chalk board example, the messy menu listings and unorganized columns make it difficult for guests to visualize what the ice cream shop is all about. I’m guessing  visitors spend a lot of time in line trying to decifer what there is to order, what the flavors are, etc. I’d bet the wait time is forever and customers leave because it’s taking too long to get to the order station. You can imagine what that does to the bottom line of his shop!


Example 2:

In the second example, there’s way too much content and details, and again, where is the focus of what the restaurant is about? No pictures,Howard Company
no customer engagement – they are spending way too much time in line trying to figure out what to order. And they are heading down the street looking for a nicer environment and a simpler menu!

Isn't this better?


Howard Company


Here’s a great example of food items organized in easy to find categories, with tasty food imagery that offers both popular and high profit items in the middle where it draws the dining guests’ eyes immediately. There’s not much clutter or long lines of description, has bold colors for contrast to define the categories, and best of all it’s easy to read and you aren’t struggling to see what the pricing is. 

And there's more!

The good news is this isn’t an overly expensive menu board system because it’s a magnetic menu board and is non-illuminated, so even start-up operations can afford toHoward Company display a high quality menu board system that engages the customer. In ANY menu board display - whether it's illuminated, digital diplays or non-illuminated - good design along with some product organization can go a long way to improving your guest experience. Just think about how guests can flow through the queue line, easily find what they want to order, and pay. I would bet wait time in line is minimalized as compared to the restaurants with the noted menu boards above.

Last note:

Designing a menu board shouldn’t be an afterthought when making your business plans. Good operators know when to call on a menu board professional for advice on maximizing their profits. Be sure you engage a professional when it’s time to plan out and create a menu board system that not only improves your bottom line, but gives your dining guests a reason to return to your store!



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