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Jean Jones started in restaurant marketing in 1996 when she and her husband operated two fine dining restaurants in Wisconsin. After a detour into marketing for a real estate development firm, she returns to the restaurant industry with The Howard Company.
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Non-Traditional Drive-Thrus Popping Up Everywhere

November 3, 2021 / by Jean Jones posted in Drive-Thru, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Expert Insights, Jean Jones


Imagine the typical drive-thru restaurant layout - a box on a busy street, perhaps on a corner, an entry and exit driveway, a marked out drive-thru lane wrapping around the building, with the menu board towards the back and the payment and pick-up windows on the side. Next, imagine the typical drive-thru restaurant type - a QSR or a coffee shop. Now imagine that these descriptions do not fit your business. Drive-thrus are popping up in more and more places, in what a few years ago would have been considered very unconventional. Here are some examples:

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Jean Jones: Omnichannel Strategy

February 25, 2021 / by Jean Jones posted in Digital, Restaurants, Expert Insights, Jean Jones


Imagine businesses combining their kiosk content, mobile content, and website content all into one software. Interacting with guests would seem much more simple.

Well, it is possible and it is a reality!

The Howard Company is now offering branded omnichannel ecosystems. Jean Jones, Marketing Director at The Howard Company, lists out some of the top benefits of omnichannel solutions. 

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Integrated Restaurant Ecosystems as an Engine to Accelerate Sales Growth Webinar

February 19, 2021 / by Jean Jones posted in Digital, Restaurants, Rod Clouser, Laura Paff, Expert Insights, Jean Jones, Webinar


The term 'omnichannel' is becoming widely used across many markets, including the restaurant industry. For restaurants, an omnichannel solution involves combining mobile apps, kiosk apps, and website apps into one software. It is organized and it allows for more efficient communication with guests.

Whether you operate a business that is fully utilizing omnichannel capabilities or hearing about it for the first time, it is important to understand how a branded omnichannel ecosystem can enhance customer experience and take a brand to the next level. In the 'Integrated Restaurant Ecosystems as an Engine to Accelerate Sales Growth' webinar below, The Howard Company and MENU Technologies AG talk about some of these advantages.

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35 Things You Can Do Now

January 19, 2021 / by Jean Jones posted in Jean Jones


Adapting to customer behaviors and changes in the industry can be tough, and can leave business owners wondering what to do next. Jean Jones, Marketing Director at The Howard Company, is here to introduce The Howard Company's '35 Things You Can Do Now' guide! Check it out!

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The New Normal is More Than Butts in Seats Webinar

September 10, 2020 / by Jean Jones posted in Grant Gustke, Expert Insights, Rod Humphrey, Interior Design, Webinar


Consumer behaviors are always changing, which means the experiences businesses provide to their guests are also changing. Experts from The Howard Company (Grant Gustke and Rod Humphrey) and SYNERGY Restaurant Consultants (Anne Haerle and Danny Bendas) joined Tim Hagen for a webinar titled 'Designing for the Future: How to Maximize Revenue Opportunities Site-Wide.' View the full webinar here:

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