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Gary Kurtz: Assessing Drive-Thru and Curbside Pickup Performance

March 27, 2020 / by Gary Kurtz

Gary Kurtz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, shares some observations about business improvement.

It is a time of radical change to the way we all do business. What better time to assess how we had been doing in the past, and how we can learn lessons from what we are doing now.

  • Is your drive-thru set up so you can maximize efficiency and guest satisfaction?
  • Do you need to provide more convenient ways for people to purchase your products, like curbside pickup?
  • Do your vendors understand your needs, and are they dedicated to continuous improvement?
Now is a perfect time for some careful reflection on your operations, and opportunity awaits those who become stronger after a crisis.

To learn more about improving your drive-thru, start by downloading the Anatomy of a Drive-Thru:

Anatomy of a Drive-Thru

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Gary Kurtz

Written by Gary Kurtz

Gary Kurtz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Howard Company