Your Branded Omnichannel Ecosystem

Did you know that by adding self-service options, you can increase your per check average and your total revenue? If that sounds like a stretch, think about the following:

  • Apps and websites are always available to take customers' orders. There is no line, guests can order when it is convenient for them and pick up on their timeline.
  • Apps, websites and kiosks can be programmed to always upsell. Even the best employees sometimes forget.
  • Apps, websites and kiosks can be programmed to suggest items based on the customer profile. It would be nearly impossible for your team to remember such details about every customer.

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Are you looking for a way to boost check averages by up to 30%? Take a look at this infographic which explains how using an omnichannel revenue strategy can help you reach customers where they want to be reached, and make huge impacts to your top and bottom lines.

Omnichannel Ecosystem