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Jim Reeder: Drive-Thru Refresh

January 15, 2021 / by Jim Reeder

Is your drive-thru in need of new equipment and/or updated graphics? Or are you unsure? Jim Reeder, National Sales Manager at The Howard Company, talks through some situations that may call for a drive-thru refresh. Play the video below to find out!

As Jim mentions in the video, there are many opportunities for a drive-thru refresh. Listed below are some of The Howard Company's solutions to these common situations and ways to improve slow service in the drive-thru lane.

  • Drive-Thru Digital Menu Board - A hybrid menu board is a combination between digital displays and static/print panels, allowing businesses to showcase what they want to at any given time. If your current drive-thru menu board is outdated, consider looking into a drive-thru digital menu board which will enhance your customer's experience!
  • Speaker Posts and Headset Systems - Improve communication in the drive-thru, between employees and customers, with high quality speaker posts and headset systems!
  • Site Surveys - If there are quick fixes that need to be made, site surveys are a great way to understand what needs to be prioritized and updated in your drive-thru.

Anatomy of a Drive-Thru

The Howard Company is the nation's leader in drive-thru systems, digital displays, and menu boards. We have an expert design department, who are ready to enhance graphics and digital content while working directly with you to fully understand your brand's image.

Do not let your drive-thru take a back seat to your competition and reach out to our team today! If you have any questions for Jim Reeder, please let us know in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Jim Reeder

Written by Jim Reeder

Jim Reeder, National Sales Manager at The Howard Company