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Jim Reeder: The Benefits of Adding Presell Boards

August 5, 2021 / by Jim Reeder

The Howard Company did a social media survey that asked the question, 'Before entering a restaurant's drive-thru, how often do you know your exact order?' The answer options were 'Always, Sometimes, Rarely, and Never.' With 51 total participants, 37 individuals (73%) voted 'Sometimes, Rarely, or Never,' and only 14 individuals (27%) voted 'Always.'

In our small sample, nearly three-quarters of drive-thru customers say they do not know their exact order beforehand. At the same time, they choose the drive-thru for convenience and speed of service. This indecision hints at how important it is to present items before customers reach the main menu board—giving guests time to make a decision, upselling, and cross-selling with special, limited-time offers. The Howard Company designs presell boards for these scenarios.

Jim Reeder talks more in-depth about the top three reasons businesses should include a presell board in their drive-thru(s) in the video titled 'The Benefits of Adding Presell Boards.'

The Howard Company's presell boards are a great option to showcase information that may not fit on the main menu board, but it is definitely worth promoting. As Jim mentioned in the video, businesses can strategize and plan for success with presell boards, as they provide an opportunity to:

1. Upsell

2. Advertise specific products/services

3. Share announcements

Along with The Howard Company's presell boards, other drive-thru accessories to consider include canopies, clearance bars, brand boosters, directional signs, speaker posts, headset systems, and curbside pickup solutions. Explore these components in The Howard Company's Anatomy of a Drive-Thru:

Download the Anatomy of a Drive-ThruJim Reeder or any of our drive-thru experts can answer questions you may have at

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Jim Reeder

Written by Jim Reeder

Jim Reeder, National Sales Manager at The Howard Company