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Thinking Outside the Box: Digital Displays Not Just for Restaurants!

February 23, 2016 / by Jean Jones


Are you one of the many who think digital displays can only be used in restaurants? Think again!

Multiple Applications

Statistics show 84% of U.K retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness! (Samsung Digital Display in Convenience StoreUK Retail Digital Signage Survey) If your school, medical facility, public venue (stadium, arena, etc.), bank or grocery store needs to share valuable information with your guests, promote the next event or simply direct guests to other locations in your facility, digital displays might be the best solution to fill that need. Digital signs can announce upcoming meetings, share company news, and enforce your brand message in a way no other signage is able to accomplish.


Look at me!

Digital signs attract attention, plain and simple. In retail stores, displays entertain, inform and engage customers in a way static signage can't approach. In a clothing store, how easy would it be to tease your customers with next season's styles or push an upcoming sale using video displays throughout your outlet? Keep customers returning with multi-channel campaigns using the moving canvas of a digital display; you control the content and update the material with easy-to-use content management programs. More than one store to manage? Easily done with wireless webhosting - update all your stores seamlessly with a key-stroke.

I'm bored!

Waiting in line for customer service in any business situation is probably the most boring and irritating places to be. Why not keep those guests engaged with video feed featuring your business information or offering other valuable services? Banks can easily show the day's stock market activity, loan rates, even community news. If people see your posted information and find it valuable, then you've achieved success.

Information please!

Hotels with meeting spaces can easily share site information, guide guests to other areas on the property, and, especially, promote hotel amenities that might encourage guests to return on a personal vacation. Some hotels have even coordinated with nearby airports to display updated flight information in their lobbies to keep guests informed with real-time travel information.

Last note:

Create memorable customer experiences by exploring how digital displays can work in your retail venue. Engage your guests with useful content, expand your brand, and bring back your customers again and again with digital imagery and information that makes a difference.

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Jean Jones

Written by Jean Jones

Jean Jones started in restaurant marketing in 1996 when she and her husband operated two fine dining restaurants in Wisconsin. After a detour into marketing for a real estate development firm, she returns to the restaurant industry with The Howard Company.