Point-Of-Sale Solutions

The Howard Company's partnership with PAR Technology allows our team to provide our customers with additional point-of-sale opportunities and the ability to grow revenue streams by enhancing the ordering process for both the guest and the employee.

PAR Technology's easy-to-use software, Brink Cloud POS, can be utilized across a range of products for indoor operations and the drive-thru! Find out more about the benefits and features of PAR Technology's hardware, Brink Cloud POS software, and services.

Point-Of-Sale Solutions:

  • PAR Technology's Brink Cloud POS Software
  • PAR Technology's Infinity
  • PAR Technology's Helix
  • PAR Technology's Enterprise Tablets
  • PAR Technology's EverServ 600 Series
  • PAR Technology's EverServ 8000 Series
  • PAR Technology's Kitchen Display System


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The Howard Company is proud to be a PAR Technology Authorized Partner for both point-of-sale solutions and drive-thru headsets.

PAR Authorized Partner