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Gary Kurtz: Drive-Thru and Branding Solutions For Convenience Stores

April 7, 2020 / by Gary Kurtz

Gary Kurtz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, talks about drive-thru and branding solutions available to convenience stores and ways to keep customers engaged.

As Gary highlighted in the video, there are many ways convenience stores can capture an audience's attention from both the inside of the store, and the outside. The Howard Company can provide solutions for any of these areas.

Exterior Solutions:

- Add a drive-thru system: one of the best ways to make convenient stores more convenient is by implementing a drive-thru lane. Make your customer's shopping experience as quick as possible, so they can get back on the road.

- Place outdoor poster frames around the building and window clings on the front door: poster frames are a great tool when looking to promote specials and limited time offers. If your convenience store has a gas station, poster frames will catch your guests' attention while they are at the pump, enticing them to walk inside. Window clings are inexpensive, easy to replace frequently, and call attention to announcements and current deals.

Interior Solutions:

- Install digital signage: expand your advertising capabilities with digital screens, including outdoor displays. If certain specials are only highlighted on printed graphics in specific parts of the store, then the number of views those promotional materials receive is limited. Digital signage allows you to string a number of those messages in a loop, capturing customers' attention through bright, vibrant content and motion.

- Offer a branded food products: many convenience stores team up with food companies and restaurants to enhance product offerings. Promoting various partnerships are great ways to increase the number of visitors entering your convenience store.

If you have any questions you would like Gary to answer in a future video, please submit them in the comments box below.

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Gary Kurtz

Written by Gary Kurtz

Gary Kurtz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Howard Company